Sunday, March 9, 2008

Last Week On The List, episode 2

The big news on the list last week was the epic (and ongoing) NetAddr discussion, encompassing correct usage, confusion about the concepts involved (cough) and proposals for future improvements.

A few other topics that floated around the collective consciousness:

Partch scale experiments
The ins and outs of Ambisonics
A brief pointer for Phase Vocoding
NaN Protection


photo (c) A. Waiter

(clockwise: Thor, James, John, Nick, Chris J, Fabrice, Chris F, Dan)

Last Wednesday saw this consortium of SuperCollider power-users gather in honour of James Harkins' journey from across the pond, at a curry house in Brick Lane, London. Several interesting topics were digested along with the spicy food. James remarked that he had "Windows" Chris to thank for being able to use SC on his trip, as he only had a PC laptop with him. Chris' work on presenting information in the form of audio sounded pretty interesting. Fabrice has written a chapter in the forthcoming SuperCollider book on tuning systems. Nick said he was looking forward to having a break from thinking about SC, given the frantic last few months of editing this book, but not for too long, as he took out his diary and tentatively pencilled in plans for a midsummer SC workshop. John was considering his options after a period of intense academia. Thor gave his expertise on baby noises: after Dan remarked on how interesting they are on a sonic level, it was pointed out that an emotional attachment to such screaming makes it slightly harder to listen to. I showed off a few vids of my Monome activities to Nick and Fabrice, and having sent some code to Thor a few weeks ago, established that any user would need an exact copy of my brain in order to use it.
As we were leaving, Dan whipped out his eee PC and gave us a quick blast of Gendy:

photo (c) Thor

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Last Week On The List

London SC / Curry meeting on Wednesday
Everyone Loves WSLib
Look, no Enter key!
When Integers Go Bad
Follow That Pitch

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